Living in Glenkerry

glensmallWe are a unique home purchase scheme of good quality low cost social housing in Poplar, East London. Each flat is purchased on a leasehold basis which covers the personal or private part of living in Glenkerry. Each property is individually and independently valued when it is put up for sale, but the sale/purchase price is always 50% of the assessed value. There is no provision to increase this percentage. Nonetheless it is a fairly typical standard lease covering the usual do and don't things as well as outlining the rights and obligations usually found in such documents. The living spaces in Glenkerry House come in various different shapes and sizes comprising seventy-nine units in total made up of:

  • 17 x 1 bedroom properties (WARNING: Applications are closed until the 1st November.)
  • 46 x 2 bedroom properties (WARNING: Applications are closed until the 1st November.)
  • 12 x 3 bedroom properties
  • 4 x 4 bedroom ground floor maisonettes

All the flats have a living area on one floor, but forty-one of the two bedroom and eight of the three bedroom properties have stairs up or down to the living level. In addition to its requisite number of bedrooms each flat has a living room, kitchen, bathroom/WC and hall. The properties are all centrally heated from a common system (district) and heating is available from at least October to May each twelve months. The four-bedroom maisonettes are all situated on the ground floor, but these family-size properties rarely come up for sale. All properties have a monthly service charge levied by the Association, it constitutes about 98% of our income.

The block is serviced by two lifts in the North Tower which is the principal entrance for the block and has an electronic lock operated by a key fob (touch system). All corridors as well as North and South Tower doors are covered by CCTV as are substantial areas immediately outside of Glenkerry House, plus some other internal areas. The North Tower ground floor lobby has heavy duty rubber (button) flooring. The exterior of the block is repainted on a five year cycle, the interior corridors and lift lobbies, which are carpeted, on a seven year cycle. All of these interior areas external to flats are known as “common areas”. The interior decoration, so the front door to the windows, of each of the properties is the responsibility of individual leaseholders. All of the common areas are cleaned by a contractor.

If you are interested in buying into both a flat and Glenkerry’s living, and are committed to helping to run the association, then please fill out our application form. Our application form is available to be submitted either online via our web form, or else if you would prefer to write your application by hand then you can do so by printing out printing out the PDF document here and posting to:

Glenkerry Co-operative Housing Association Ltd
The Office
Glenkerry House
98 Burcham Street
London E14 0SL